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" We shop for your orders just like you would "

Each product is carefully picked by our well trained Personal Shoppers to a "would i buy it" policy.

All fruits and vegetables are tested for ripeness and shelf life resulting in our careful and skillful way of shopping.

Quality checked multiple times a day by our Quality Control Agents.

Priority-based Selection is our motto - we pick only the freshest production date items for you.

Freshness & Quality Guaranteed

Our dedicated Customer Support Agents will guide you throughout your entire shopping journey.

Simple to browse and use, our online store offers you the easiest shopping experience with just few simple clicks.

We offer the largest online catalogue in Kuwait from your favorite local and foreign assortments.

We do more than doorstep deliveries, we deliver your groceries straight to your kitchen.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Delivery Agents don’t just deliver, they are there to help and accommodate.

Our TSC Online Vehicles are equipped with advanced live tracking GPS.

A fleet of trucks customized to deliver Ambient, Chilled & Frozen goods.

Time & Accuracy really count, we will arrive when we say we will.

Store Fresh Timely Delivery

  • Delivery

  • Do you deliver to my area?

    Our delivery routes cover all areas except :
    Ahmadi Governorate ( Sabah Al-Ahmad 3 , Sabah Al-Ahmad 2 , Sabah Al-Ahmad 4 , Sabah Al-Ahmad 5 , South-Sabahiya , Al shadadyia , Sabah Al-Ahmad 1 , Sabah Al-Ahmad Investment , Magwa , New Wafra , Shalehat Zoor , Khiran City , Janobyia Aljawakheer , Mina Abdullah Refinery , Shalehat Jlea'a , Shalehat Al-Nuwaiseeb , Sulaibyia Industrial 3 , Shalehat Dba'ayeh , kabd Agricultural , Shalehat Mina Abdullah , Shuaiba Industrial Western , Mina Abdulla , Shuaiba Industrial esterly , Al-Nuwaiseeb , Sabah Al-Ahmad Services , Shalehat Al-Khiran , Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery , Zoor , Shalehat Bneder , Rajim Khashman , Wafra , Wafra Farms , Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-marine , Ahmadi Governorate Desert , )

    Jahra Governorate : ( Jawakher Al Jahra , Waha , Naeem , Nahda , Oyoun , Sulaibiya Industrial 1 , Jahra , Nasseem . Taima , Qasr , Kaerawan , Sulaibiya Industrial 2 , Sulaibiya , North West Jahra , Jahra-Industrial , Amghara Industrial , Saad Al-Abdulla City , Kabd , Warba Island , Al Naayem , Jahra Camps , Shalehat Subiya , Sulaibiya Agricultural , Bhaith , Shalehat Kazima , Umm Al-Aish , Kazima , Abdally , Salmy , Al Sheqaya , Subiya , Rawdatain , Bubyan Island , Bar Al-Jahra Governorate )

    Farwaniya Governorate : ( Jleeb Al shiyoukh , International Airport , Ardhiya Herafiya , Jleeb Al-Shiyoukh )

    Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate : ( West Abu Ftirah Hirafyia , Wista )

    Hawalli Governorate : ( Mubarakyia )

    Asma Governorate : ( Shuwaikh Industrial-3 , Shuwaikh Industrial-2 , Mubarakiya Camps , Health Area , Shuwaikh Industrial-1 , Jaber Al-Ahmad , The Sea Front , Umm Al-Maradim Island , Qaruh Island , Auha Island , Kubbar Island , Mischan Island , Umm Al-Namel Island , Shalehat Doha , Shuwaikh Port , Failaka Island , Mina Doha )

  • What are the delivery working hours?

    Working hours: we have two types of delivery, Same day and Standard delivery. Same Day delivery: Delivery within average of two hours from 10AM until 10PM. Standard delivery: Delivery on the second or as per customer selection from available slots spread across 10AM to 10 PM.

  • Are there extra charges for delivery and what is the minimum order?

    Minimum Order: The minimum order value is 10KD per order Charges: Delivery charges differs with respect to the type of delivery whether Same day or Standard delivery. Same day delivery: We charge 1.5 KD for the Same day delivery, if the order is 40KD or above the delivery will be free. Standard delivery: We charge 1 KD for order below 40KD, above 40KD orders delivery is Free.

  • Do you delivery to businesses?

    Yes, we can deliver to your business for your personal use. If the order is for your business, this is done through our Sales team . Kindly call us at 1844449 during our office working hours of 8am to 5pm, Sunday through Thursday for detailed processes.

  • Can I make a single Order and request multiple delivery Addresses?

    No. Each Order is designated for a single delivery Address only.

  • Who can sign for a delivery?

    Anyone in the household over the age of 18 and who can pay the order value may sign for deliveries.

  • What if my delivery is late?

    Delays sometimes happen due to circumstances beyond our control, so we'll call and inform you of any delay as soon as we can. Please call our Customer Service on 1844449 for additional information

  • What if I have missing items?

    If you have an item missing from your delivery, please call our Customer Service on 1844449.

  • I have unwanted or damaged items

    Your driver will tell you what's been substituted. If you don't want to keep any (or all) of the substitutions, you can return them to the driver . If an item is damaged, please use the notes section of our queries form and tell us as much as possible about the products you've received.

  • How do you deliver?

    Our experienced drivers use vans designed to keep your groceries at the correct temperature for their whole journey. The driver brings the shopping to your door, where you'll be given a delivery note to sign. If you ask, the driver will also take the shopping into your kitchen

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, we do not deliver products internationally at this point in time.

  • Can I change delivery address or time after submitting my order?

    Please be advised that your shipping address cannot be revised after the order has been placed successfully. If you want to change your shipping address, please directly contact customer service at 1844449 inform them of your new address before your order is shipped out.

  • What are the items that can be delivered?

    All items that are on our website can be delivered.

  • What about my Order Amendment or cancellation?

    Order amendments are possible any time before the delivery day, In case of Order Amendment or cancellation you need to contact the customer service 1844449.

  • What is a timeslot?

    A timeslot is a time interval that we commit to delivery your order within. You are requested to have someone available at home to be able to receive your order within your selected timeslot.

  • Is chocolate delivered chilled?

    Yes, chocolate is delivered in a chilled containers to preserve quality.

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