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Fresh Fish & Seafood

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  1. Salmon Fillet Norway
    2.530 KWD
  2. Salmon Norway Avg Weight(3-5Kg) Price Per Kg |?sultan-center.com????? ????? ???????
    Salmon Norway
    Avg Weight(4Kg)
    18.360 KWD
  3. Seabass Turkey Per Kg |?sultan-center.com????? ????? ???????
    Seabass Turkey
    avg weight (800 g)
    2.520 KWD
  4. Blue Swimming Crab (Gobgob) Kuwait Per Kg |?sultan-center.com????? ????? ???????
    3.990 KWD
  5. Egyptian Herring
    2.300 KWD
  6. Inverawe Cold Smoked Scottish Trout
    3.600 KWD
  7. Salamontini Smoked Salmon
    5.400 KWD
  8. Grouper Small (Balool) Iran Avg Weight (2Kg) Price Per Kg |?sultan-center.com????? ????? ???????
    10.000 KWD
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